June 7th, 2004


More on that bulldozer rampage

The D-9 is a fhuge bulldozer - the kind of bulldozer you use to destory other bulldozers.

A tribute site has been started: http://www.killdozer.us/

A direct link to WMV format helicopter video.

Now to try sleep again - too much on my mind...

Oh - in the credit due department - I heard about this in jwz He's a cool dude - you should read his LJ. Some of the geeks probably recognize his name from one or more places - like Netscape or XScreensaver.
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Looking for a house

I am officially in the market for a house. Since I work in Marlborough and my social life revolves around Worcester, for the most part, I'm trying to stay in this area. It is just for me, but I have a lot of stuff. I prefer a single family dwelling - no town houses, condos, duplexes, etc. I don't want to deal with tenants or neighbors on the other side of the wall/floor/ceiling. Off street parking is a must - a garage is a nice option. Some manner of yard would be cool.

So if you see anything feel free to throw pointers at me. :-)

Addendum: Oh - MUST be able to get broadband, and DSL is preferred. If it is out in the woods and dial-up is it, I'm not interested. Really, I use the net way too much to ever go back to that. And I host servers so I really need a place I can get a decent pipe with fixed IPs - which isn't always available on cable broadband.

(Unrelated - I have a wicked bad headache and I really wish I could go home and/or the Excedrin I took would kick in...)
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