June 17th, 2004

Anime MZ

Going down to Nawlins

So a week ago I got an email from the PayPal Developers Network which included a blurb about the eBay Developers Conference next week in New Orleans - which also covers a lot of PayPal development since they're owned by eBay. I forwarded it to my boss and the VP of Engineering to comment on some of their new technical points and I made the comment that it might be interesting for someone from here to go to the show. Know thine enemy and all. Well, that and it would also be good to learn eBay's technical side so we might be able to implement Pay Cash for eBay.

Well, I never heard back and I got on with my life and work. Then today my boss pops into my cube late in the afternoon and tells me I should book myself into the conference and get a flight and a hotel. OhhhhhKay... So ~$1150 worth of expense reports later I'll be on my way next week. I'm flying down Tuesday afternoon and then flying home Sunday morning. The conference starts early Wednesday and runs through Saturday evening, and flights were such that I couldn't red-eye or anything. Besides, better to have a night's sleep there before the show anyway - I learn better when I'm not nodding off. I ended up being a few blocks away since the hotels across from the convention center were all booked up. I know nothing about New Orleans, so I don't know what that neighborhood is going to be like. Live the adventure. ;-) I should have some connectivity while I'm there, but I'm not sure how much I'll be on.
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