June 22nd, 2004

Eject! Eject! Eject!

Guess where I am...

...I'm blogging from the plane...

So I'm sitting in seat 13C of a US Airways A319 on a taxiway in Philly. I *just* missed my flight out of Bostn, but it wasn't all my fault. I was running a bit late, but still could've made it. But I got to terminal B and they told me I had to go to Central Parking to park until Sunday. OK. I MIGHT still make it. I get there - and *they* tell me I have to get to overflow parking. OK, odds are not good now since I have to drive out ot the lot, park, and then take the bus to the terminal. But I made it to the terminal by 13:15 for a 13:30 flight and I had my boarding pass... except I had a bag to check and it was too late to check it.

So I got rescheduled onto the 14:30 flight with a connection in Philly. That was no problem, but there are thunderstorms all around Philly and traffic is snarled. So we left the gate around 17:45 and it is 19:00 now. We're sitting off on the edge of the field, and they shut the engines down - which is never a great sign. The only two upsides are the cute blonde in 13A and 13B is empty. ;-)

Oh, and I broke the armrest on the B737 I was on for the first leg. I was in 26A and I tried to put up the armrest between me and the wall to get a few extra inches. And it went up. But it doesn't seem to have been designed to do so - the person behind me handed me the bits that popped off. We told the flight attendant, but she didn't seem to understand - she said 'oh, they go up'. OK...

I am on my way to the Big Easy, but it doesn't seem to be so easy. ;-)
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