June 25th, 2004


Near miss

My dad is in the ICU in the hospital, he had a heart attack. Apparently he had one a few days ago and didn't tell anyone he felt terrible and wasn't able to breathe. So he quit smoking, again, and that was it. Then today he felt bad and went to the hospital but things seemed OK so he went home. And then he felt terrible again so my mom had to berate him for an hour to get back to the hospital - and the doctors said that was a good thing because he was having a bad heart attack and might not have made it if he wasn't in the hospital.

Damn stubborn fool still expected to fly back to NY from FL tomorrow! And one of the arteries leading from his heart had COMPLETLEY blocked - they put in a catheter to unblock it. Of course they told him he needs to change his diet, exercise, cut down on stress, don't start smoking again, etc. And I know him, he'll do it for a while and then go back to his habits. I hope he proves me wrong, but he's done that kind of thing before.

Man, I had a terrible feeling when I heard the tone of my mom's voice on the voicemail she left me. It isn't what I was dreading, but it sure freaks me out.
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