June 27th, 2004

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Whoops... and stuff

I ordered Domino's tonight since I got back to the hotel just before the restaurant closed, and I need to pack and sleep since I have a six AM cab to the airport... Needs must.

Well, the woman who delivered it said "$21.74". It didn't sound right so I repeated it and she said "Yep." So I gave her $25. Well, I just noticed the sticker on the box is for $27.14. So I short-changed her.

But they also seem to have messed up - I ordered ham and pineapple, and I see no pineapple. And I think this is pepperoni. It looks like I got ham and pepperoni. But, hmm, I've avoided pepperoni for 15 years or so because I remembered not liking it. But I like this. I guess I might like pepperoni now. :-)

In tonight's synchronicity, this episode of Trading Spaces is set in New Orleans.

My earlier voice post seems to have been garbled by LJ's digitizer. Basically I was calling from Riverwalk (z_gryphon, remember the Bright Field incident?) where I was sitting outside trying to relax. I commented that being a history buff and tech geek I was curious about the submarine tied up alongside and I used my laptop (whcih I've been carrying around the show) to look up the hull number - 394. Turns out it is the USS Razorback. She's a Balao class WWII fleet boat. Commissioned in 1944 she was one of the boats in Japan for the surrender. She was sold to the Turkish Navy in 1970 and served another 30 years. She's the longest serving submarine in history, and now she's making her way (under tow) up to Little Rock, AK where she'll become a museum.

There are 'twin' bridges over the Mississippi in New Orleans - only they're not. I noticed one had more lattice style steel work, and the piers were steel or steel and concrete while the other had all concrete piers. So I figured one was a lot newer than the other, and I dug it up - #1 was opened in 1958, #2 was opened in 1988. I'd mentioned it off-handedly to a cabby the other day and at first he said they were the same. But then he asked me why I thought one was newer and I pointed out the differences and he seemed kind of surprised, like he'd never noticed. I guess I just notice things like that.

I haven't heard from my mom today - which I'm taking to be good news. She warned me yesterday that her cell phone was out of service and she'd be at the hospital so I couldn't call her. I figure she'd call me if something bad happened. Either way I'm going to call tomorrow if I don't hear from her.

I'm not going to get much sleep tonight - I have to be out to catch the cab at 06:00 for the trip to the airport. My flight is 08:40 and I should be back in Boston by 14:20. Then it is back to Worcester to relax and hang with mere. I may do dinner horde depending on how much energy I have.
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