July 3rd, 2004


Hurrah for proactivity

After creating magdalenhsuli a week ago and posting about it twice on communitypromo, mentioning it in maryloulord, posting about it in several Ani communities, on the Magdalen web forum, and mentioning it here several times - no one had joined.

So earlier tonight I left comments for the other 10 people on LJ who listed her as an interest, and there are already 4 new members, one of whom isn't one of those 10 but was brought in by one. Yay! It is just nice to see it start rolling.

I also finally wrote the letter to Magdalen that I've been thinking of writing since I got into her in 2002. I finally had the excuse that I was sending in my check to pre-order her new albums. Since I had to send as letter along with the order anyway, I made it a combo fan letter / order letter.
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Anime MZ

The Bourne Supremacy

They made a sequel to The Bourne Identity called The Bourne Supremacy, which is out July 23rd. I really enjoyed the first one, and the promos for this new one look really good. I'm looking forward to it.
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