July 27th, 2004

Eject! Eject! Eject!


RealDolls have always freaked me out a bit - mainly because they look fairly real, and lifeless. In other words - I think they look like corpses.

Well, they've managed to get freakier when I wasn't looking - Anna Mae. NOT safe for work.
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Dragonball MZ!

Scary cross-playing

Your Live Jounal Friends in Sailor Moon
LJ Username
Sailor Moon: the leader, but kind of ditzy.. myhusbandisatoy
Sailor Mercury: the smart one...everyone knows it! sinapus
Sailor Venus: you secretly want to beat up sailor moon...just ki aeire
Sailor Mars: The pretty one that pretty much saves everyone's bu prowler1971
Sailor Jupiter: The girl who knows how to get what she wants... mechaman
Darien/ Tuxedo Mask: The sexy, mysterious one that all of the a asdfjlk
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Dragonball MZ!


Your Weekend Convention Cosplay Drama
LJ Username
Your Main Cosplay
Your weekend hookup spiderourhero
gets drunk and starts beating the shit out of jhim
because he/she grabbed your ass.
Some hyperactive Strong Bad
fangirl rips your cosplay outfit and in a mad rage you scream "KAZE NO KIZU!!!"
You are escorted out of the convention by invader_haywire
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