August 11th, 2004

Anime MZ

This can stop now

I have had a migraine for *three days*. It was bad enough this morning that it woke me up from a sound sleep a few hours before my alarm was to go off. Waking up with your head exploding is not recommended. Double doses of Excedrin help, and I broke out the Migraine Ice pads today. I looked like a fucking dork with pads on my forehead, temples, and neck - but fuck it, it helps. I just got sick of *everyone*, individually, asking me what they were for. I was tempted to send out a company wide email.

It is fatigue and stress, I know. Nothing i can do, the show is Friday and this shit has to work. Of course my stress level ratcheted up today. Our production payment gateway worked at 02:00 when I went home - but it was dead this afternoon. VB runtime error - in code that didn't change. It worked, then it didn't. I don't know what else might have changed on the server, but I tend to doubt the VB engine did. Especially since the same code works on all the other boxes in development and test. I fixed it, but it is a voodoo fix. I just changed the code to avoid the problem, since I couldn't figure out what is causing it and production was *down*, so fixing it was the priority.

The code was something I inherited - the problem was simply 'node.Text - 0'. Node is an XML node, and 'node.Text' retrieves the content of the node. The '- 0' is a cheesy trick some ASP coders use to make sure the value is numeric, as this is to be written into a DB. Today it started spewing a Type Mismatch. It adamantly refused to cast it to a double, or int, or whatever for that particular node. In the end I just took the '- 0' off, since it was the suspenders on a belt and suspenders system - the values are already being checked in input to make sure numeric nodes really have numeric values. (Non-numeric input is set to 0.) I've seen this trick in a lot of ASP/VB - I've never used it, but it has always just worked.

I didn't need this today. I still have the *planned* work to get done.

My head hurts. I want to cry because it won't stop hurting.
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