August 22nd, 2004

Anime MZ


Well, that took longer than I expected. I ended up in the market for over two hours, which cost me about $320. But now my cupboard, fridge, freezer, et al, are stocked. There is actual food in the house.

Oh, and I checked out the Gillette Mach 3 Power in the store. I was curious as to what it was - and what it is is a Mach 3 razor with a built in vibrator. There is a AAA in the handle and a little motor. When you press the button on the handle the head of the razor vibrates. Apparently it is supposed to help the hair stand up and give you a closer shave. But I couldn't imagine shaving my face, or my head, with a vibrating razor. It felt too weird in my hand as it was.
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LJ email notices broken?

OK, sometime this evening I stopped getting LJ notices for comments on my entries, or replies to my comments. I got some from comments I made earlier tonight, but I have a bunch of comments I have yet to receive emails for...

So, is it just me?
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