August 24th, 2004


Yeah, I know this makes me a bad person

I've been reading a number of the sex related LJ communities, especially the advice ones, and my overall reaction to a lot of the entries is "You! Out of the pool! You're not qualified to have sex! Until you know *anything* about your body, reproduction, etc, you're a menace to yourself and others. No sex for you!" Especially the people claiming to be 15, etc. "It isn't statutory rape because we're both 15." No, sorry, it doesn't work that way. "I'm experiencing itching, burning, and discharge - do I have an STD?" Well, something sure as hell ain't right - see a damn doctor! "My girlfriend seems to have a urinary tract infection and instead of talking to a doctor we talked to some guy who told us a bunch of bullshit about possible causes." That's nice, get her to a doc before she fuckin' dies from toxic shock. (My dad almost died from a bladder infection when I was in my early teens. He didn't bother going to a doc and eventually the toxins built up in his blood and he got delirious.)

Yeah, yeah, I'm old and grumpy and flagrant ignorance gets my hackles up. Sex is fun, yeah, but the recklessness and irresponsibility displayed is amazing.
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I see you.

To be clear

I don't mean to say *all* of the posters are like that. If you know me at all you know I think open and free discussion of all topics, including sexual ones, is a good thing. And I think it is great that people are asking questions and trying to educate themselves - about sex or anything else. I applaud self-improvement and self-education. It is a good trait.

It is just some of the people are barreling down the highway doing a buck twenty five and just thought to ask someone how you steer the car. Getting a little ahead of themselves. Not all, just some. But it is still kind of scary.

I shouldn't be surprised, I've had lovers who were in their 30s and had never learned much about their own physiology. In our culture it is something you just don't talk about - well, not in polite company, fortunately I don't hang in 'polite company'. :-) And sex ed is increasingly a joke thanks to the folks who think that if you never mention s-e-x around a child they'll never figure out it exists, let alone actually *have* it. And if you know your underage child is having sex but can't seem to stop them, so you do the next best thing and try to keep them safe by supplying condoms, etc, you can end up convicted of abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, etc. I am *far* from being a prude, but sometimes I just want to shout "Look! Sex isn't the end all and be all of life, it can wait! Don't fuck up your lives for an orgasm. If you want to get off that bad, we're a tool using species!"

Oh, and I have writers block and I'm trying to write a doc for work - which is why I keep posting, I'm getting too frustrated and need to take breaks.
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