August 28th, 2004

Anime MZ

Catching up

I've been catching up on the massive backlog of stuff on my TiVo. I've been so busy for a while that it was pretty full of stuff from the past few weeks. Aside from the huge volume of Forensic Files to induce paranoia, and Iron Chef to induce hunger, I've watched a bunch of Rescue Me.

This is the new Denis Leary series on FX about firefighters in NYC. I caught the first episode several weeks ago and thought it was pretty good, but I hadn't seen any until watching a bunch of episodes back to back. This is a damn good show. It has a lot of dark humor, which is good, but it is more than that. The show has some good characters and stories, and I'm really enjoying it. Check it out.
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Dragonball MZ!

I need a Hero

The movie that is - I just decided to see Hero at WoShoNo at 19:35. If anyone else wants to go, either show up and find me or call my cell phone. I'll have it until I go into the movie.

Between now and then I think I'll go get some food.
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Anime MZ

From tonight's JLU

Tonight's episode had some *great* dialogue. The writers have really gotten the witty banter down. This episode was all comedy, all the time. Good stuff, very silly.
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