October 6th, 2004

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More Engrish

So at work I have subscriptions to AVN, AVN Online, and Klixxx magazines. For those who don't know AVN == Adult Video News. Yes, I get magazines all about the porn industry at work, and yes, it is actually work related.

So the latest issue of AVN arrived today and I'm flipping through it looking for anything useful in this issue - i.e., anything about the payment industry, adult e-commerce sites, etc - and skimming over all the ads. Many of which would probably qualify as hardcore themselves, at least close to it, and one of the ads is for Asian porn and what caught my eye (well, after the the two mostly naked Asian babes flashing their wares, it is a full page ad) was the ad copy for 'Girl-Trap':
She was moved to the room. The she was a very pretty and sexmaniac girl.
It witnessed the onanism of some day her I saw. I saw the figure and did onanism.
It decided to revenge on her by the video which was taken when it to have seen the figure,
to have done onanism and to have ejaculated could be seen to her and I ran away,
but a rape was done by her the next day and then I was attacked.

Engrish porn ads. My day is complete.

(Those who don't know me may thing I'm making fun of their culture or something - those who know me know I'm not. I'm just amused by bad translations. You should see some of the machine translations of our internal documents from the Russian team. Machine translating Russian technical documents into English can produce some real interesting output.)
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Zoner en fuego!


I just did the largest purge of my friends list I've ever done - I dropped a *lot* of communities, and a fair number of individuals. None of it was personal, no one ticked me off or anything. Just lately I've been feeling like my life is on auto-pilot and I'm stuck in a rut, spending a lot of time just keeping up with things. So I've decided to cut back on some things, including how much I read on LJ. There are some people who I think are very cool but we just have different interests so I find I'm not really into most of what they post about. Other people haven't posted in a LONG time, so I figure they abandoned LJ. And some folks it just seems like our interests diverged at some point and that's life, nothing personal.

If I dropped you and you're sitting there going "Hey! I read your LJ and the friends posts!" Comment and let me know, I'll probably re-add you if you want. If you're wondering why I dropped you in particular and what to know, ask. Heck, I might've goofed since I was dropping so many journals I may have collected the wrong one in the purge. Especially if I know you personally outside of LJ, I was trying not to drop any of those.
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