October 30th, 2004


Ugh... it works.

After my last entry I used Yum to update FC2. That took a while, a lot to update. After the reboot - the display didn't work. Run level 5 was unhappy, so I had to drop down to 3 and start mucking around. The old RH8 used XFree86, but FC2 switched to X.org's system. And apparently something in the upgrade didn't like the config. So I got it mostly working, but this is a dual-head box with a Matrox G550. I kept getting both displays the same no matter what I did. So I spent several hours with Google and emacs, playing with xorg.conf. I finally got it to the point where I had a two monitor desktop again - only the screens were swapped! And nothing I did would unswap them. I ended up investigating the driver downloads from Matrox again, and going through the instructions, which didn't help. Then I manually explored the download, ignoring the directions. There I found different versions of the drivers, which I manually copied instead of using their install script. And now I have a properly working dual-head desktop again. I think I must've spent at least 6 hours, probably more, sorting this out. I got into a zone...

I'm very tired, very hungry... and still have to do the testing I was doing the upgrade to allow in the first place.

Still, FC2 is rather nice I think. Makes me want to wipe my old server at home and install it there...
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