November 2nd, 2004


So, about voting...

I voted this morning, well, close to noon, on my way into the office. Worcester still uses an old paper ballot, fill in the oval with the special pen, Scantron-ish system. There weren't many things to vote on - no referendums or anything, and some of the positions only had one candidate running for them. But that's not the reason I'm posting...

Doesn't it seems like *voting* is one of the times checking an ID is a good idea? I mean, my name is MegaZone ferchrissake. "Street?" "Rodney." *flip* "Number?" "104" *flip* "Name?" "MegaZone." *scan* *check* *Hand ballot over.* Same on the way out. To commit voter fraud all you'd really have to do is read the names off of some mail boxes, or the mail in them, then show up early. Last time I voted, in Waltham, they checked my ID. And I think they did in California too.
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Too goddamn tense

I've been stuck in the office the past several hours, watching election results come in online, and growing increasingly tense and depressed. I really think Bush is going to win. Kerry needs Ohio or FL, and it looks like he isn't going to get either at this point.
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