November 4th, 2004



Depressed and lonely. SNAFU.

Ich bin ein auslander.
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on the whole...

I made an offhand comment to someone in IM today that if I'd been struck dead just after college that my life, on the whole, would probably have been happier and more enjoyable. I was kind of joking at the time - she graduates in May and I was teasing her - but, you know, I'm not sure that's not true. Or maybe my brain is just editing out the suck from back then.
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I see you.

I needed a laugh...

I followed a link purly sent me in IM, and that took me to another link, where I found an article containing this snippet:
Ladies, picture yourself on hands and knees, one man in front, fucking your mouth while the other is in back. The one in front is happily pumping away to a nice basso nova beat while the one in back is doing “Master of the Puppets” to your ass.

And I totally lost it.

I needed that.

Edit: Hours later I *still* laugh when reading that. I think it is just the image of someone using the Master of Puppets rhythm. I almost can't type from laughing...
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