November 10th, 2004



It seems I have some coworker(s) reading this that I don't know about. So - hi there.

How do I know? Well, last night I made a post venting about my dislike of the corporate website and someone here saw that and pointed the designer who used to maintain the site at it. Which is fine, if I make a public post then anyone can read it - like this one. He got upset because he felt I was slamming him, so I feel that since the old post was public (not anymore, I filtered it) this should be too.

His name is Roger, and I did *not* mean to slam him. Roger has always been helpful in my two years here. When we needed to crank out a website for PayCash in two weeks a few months ago Roger was right on top of it, turning around our requests for images immediately. Yes, I have issues with our site. I worked on the HTML4, CSS2, and WAI W3C recommendations - so it really bugs me that our site is so far outside of standards compliance. And it bothers me that many of the links only work in IE, when I use Mozilla Suite. I can't use our own site from my Linux box because I, obviously, don't have IE there. I also have a general dislike of frames, and I feel the use of them on our site is unnecessary. The 'IE only' attitude, frankly, really pisses me off on *any* site. This is just one I have some ability to fix.

I don't blame Roger for these things. He was given the design and had to work within it. We talked about this just after I started two years ago when the site was redesigned, and I raised the issues then. But his hands were tied. I've also been unable to do more than offer suggestions because it was 'outside of my area of resposibility', so I was told to just leave the site to others and not try anything. I would *never* try to do Roger's job, or even suggest that I am capable of it. I'm not a designer, and I have no inclination to be one.

I like Roger, I think he's a stand-up guy. When I've needed something graphical he's always handled it quickly for me. So I feel badly that he took my comments personally and that he was upset by them. I never intended for anything I said to be an attack on him. Roger - I'm sorry.

I might start filtering more posts just to keep the drama down, but I'm not all that secretive a person so if my public posts really bother anyone else, at least have the cojones to say something to me about it.
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Anime MZ

Attention web developers

I found something very cool last night. I've been a Mozilla user for a long time, and I know you can work wonders with XHTML and CSS. One problem - IE's CSS support is moose wang sucking. Say you want a navigation bar at the bottom of the page, and you want it to always be visible. In CSS2 you can put that in a DIV, make it position: fixed; and give it a high z-index and it will float on top nicely. But not in IE. There are JavaScript hacks for this stuff, but it is a pain.

Except today I found this site. And, in particular, his 'IE7' JavaScript library. I've been testing it - and I'm impressed. Basically he's compiled a library that uses JavaScript to emulate proper CSS behavior in IE. All you have to do is install the files on your web server and include the code JS file in your page, and you can use normal, standards compliant CSS. In IE the library handles the b0rken behavior.

I need more time to really look this over - but so far it looks great. If it holds up I'll probably throw a donation his way too, I like to support people who do work like this.
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Zoner en fuego!


I need to clean up my Clie's calendar...

It reminded me that two years ago yesterday I met gizmoek - and two years ago tomorrow I started at Cyphermint.

I probably don't need the reminder of my anniversary with an ex. :-) No offense gizmoek :-)

Don't mind me, I'm just puzzling over some HTML and I needed to stop for a minute before my brain vapor locks.
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