November 22nd, 2004

Anime MZ

More Hollywood gaffs

I just watched tonight's Crossing Jordan. One of the fun things about this show is that it supposedly takes place in Boston - but the writer's obviously don't know much about the area other than how to read a map. Big gaffs in the past included the episode with a crash on the Red Line where someone moved between the cars just before a derailment. *bzzzzt* Not on the Red Line you don't.

Tonight's episode included someone fleeing from 'Worcester Airport'. They showed an exterior shot of a water front airport - looked like Boston Logan to me. (For those not in the area, Worcester's airport is landlocked on a hilltop.) They then showed an interior shot, and out the windows were large aircraft on a large airfield. Worcester Regional Airport is small, and the last commercial airline pulled out years ago - just after MassPort refurbished the airport and added jetways and such. The airport isn't bad - but the surface access is hideously poor, a route of confusing surface streets - so it was always unpopular. (Oh, there's a long back story there. The airport was moved a LONG time ago due to politics, and the old location was closer to the eventual highways. And they've been trying to build a better bypass route to the airport from the highway for a long time, but it keeps getting shot down by local politics. No one wants an access corridor in their neighborhood.)

Anyway, I was amused.
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