November 23rd, 2004

Eject! Eject! Eject!

Damn I'm tired

I've been up 26.5 hours, and at work for 21.5 of those... I got the site done. I think it is time to find some dinner and crash, so I can come in tomorrow at least semi-functional. :-)

But it is nice to have that done. :-)
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Anime MZ

I want a tachikoma!

I want my own cute, bubbly, artificially intelligent heavily armed and armored death machine. They're so cute! I mean, sure, everyone wants their own Major Kusanagi, but she's a handful. I just want a mini-tank with the personality of a Japanese schoolgirl on crystal meth and nitrous oxide. :-) As donnerjack put it: "They're cute, happy, bubbly armor plated death machines." (Not that I'd turn down a Kusanagi, mind you - though I was always partial to Deunan Knute.)

But in any case I must get the soundtrack. GitS: Standalone Complex has fantastic music - I really want to hear the full version of Lithium Flower (the end credit theme), and Inner Universe (the opening theme) gets stuck in my head readily. But what should I expect, it is another Yoko Kanno soundtrack. That tiny woman has freaky big talent... Apparently Inner Universe is partly in Russian. Ooh, they have the opening credits online...

I sense a CDJapan order coming on. Wait... there are special edition releases in the US, with soundtrack CDs! Tally-Ho!

And yes, I'm going to bed. I left the office a bit after 03:00 and I hadn't fed in over 12 hours, so that was my first imperative. Now sated, I shall sleep - for a few hours anyway.
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Anime MZ

Some site updates

Based on the feedback I've received, I made a few changes to the new corporate site. I may release the updates to production tomorrow - if not, they'll go up next week.
- I changed some of the height and width styles to min-height and min/max-height so it copes better with different size fonts and windows.
- I added color change rollover to the top nav for when you're within the same 'area', for positive UI feedback

If you have more feedback just comment. I figured there would be things to tweak once it went live.
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