December 27th, 2004

Anime MZ

You say its your birthday...

...well its my birthday too, yeah!

Well, it was, 12/26. 34 times around. Not much happened. I'd stayed out all night, so I slept in late. I got a survey call asking me about restaraunts, and what the heck, I did it. Then I called my folks to say hi - I'd called yesterday but my dad had already gone to bed. Then it was off to [Bad username: usagijer&apos;> and <lj user=]'s. We'd talked about going to dinner, but it was already snowing hard, so we stayed in at their place, ordered in from Beijing Palace, and watched Farscape. <lj user="delenn1122'> is getting into it, she got a bunch of the DVDs for xmas. It has been snowing hard all night. Driving home was worse than when I left, I tried to get up the hill to my place and failed, I had to go the long way around to avoid hills on back roads. Then I shoveled out in the hopes it won't be too bad in the morning. Now I'm going to crash and get too little sleep before work.
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Computer stuff

Hey you Mac weenies!

Can some Mac users who have Safari look at and for me? I had a report of problems with them in Safari - but, not having a Mac, I can't check. They work fine in IE, Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, and links. They're also 100% XHTML and CSS compliant. So I'd *hope* Safari can handle them.

If they don't work properly, can you drop some screen shots to megazone at paycash dot us? Thanks. And if you have trouble and have any ideas what is causing it, let me know that too. :-)
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