December 28th, 2004


Make the hurty stop!

Today has not been a good day. Last night I felt 'eh' - and it was way cold. I ended up not sleeping until the wee hours. So I got ~4 hours of sleep. I woke up feeling crappy and considered taking a sick day, but this is a short week and then I'm gone for a week, so I need to get things done. I waffled about it for a while though, making me late. Then I noticed my right front tire was very flat - again. And my left front was low. When I get back I'm going to have to have them checked. Decided, since I felt shitty, not to use the little compressor I have in my car, but to use a gas station. First gas station - air pump out of order. Second - ditto. Third - asshole parked in front of air pump. Comes out with a coffee, and sits in his fucking car for 10 minutes before moving. Quarters wedged into the slot - went in, and they turned it on for me from the inside. Yay. Filled the tires and headed in - by this time the headache was bad. Got to work, took more Excedrin. Instead of killing the headache, it moved it - the right side of my head is fine, the left side is currently experiencing a 'rip-my-fucking-eye-out-please' migraine. The eye, left side of my head, and down the left side of the back of my neck hurt. A lot. Eye is all twitchy, and a little bit of color swirls. Right side - no pain. I feel lopsided.

Just about to give up and leave, and call it a night.
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Anime MZ

BTW everyone...

I've been using trackballs longer than pretty much anyone I know. I have two TrackMan Marble+ trackballs on my desk at work, one for each box. I don't use one at home simply because I use my laptop with the touchpad and. I have a couple more for my other systems if I ever put them back online. I bought I bunch of these before they went and revised their shape several years ago - the newer shape doesn't fit my hand as nicely. Some of the ones I have are old enough to be pure PS/2, some are USB with the adapters. I've been a trackball advocate for a long time.

So thanks to everyone who has suggested using a trackball in response to my carpal post, but I've got that covered. :-) I probably won't be typing as much the next week in Vegas, so that may help. And if not, I'll look into the brace.
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Eject! Eject! Eject!

Someday I'll learn...

Oh, I did it again. I was. well, am, interested in someone, but she was seeing someone else. I don't play that game, so I kept back. Then they broke up and she didn't seem interested in any relationship at the time, and there is distance and that relationship was an LDR and she seemed to be against every doing an LDR again. So I convinced myself that there was no point in saying anything, and she probably wouldn't be interested anyway, etc, etc. And I like her and didn't want to risk our friendship on a pointless play for something more.

So she meets someone else, another LDR, and she's seems happy. We were chatting and I made a crack about being jealous - which I am. Then I had to explain why - long story short, I should've said something when I had the chance, she wouldn't have said no.

I really have to stop doing that. Really.
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