January 30th, 2005

Anime MZ

Laser beams

I played this briefly like a year ago, got busy with something else, and forgot about it. Then tonight mackys posted about it, and I started playing again. I rocked it up through level 19, but I'm on 20 now and I'm getting too tired to keep going. I'm just getting frustrated and making stupid mistakes, I keep setting off the bombs.

So, don't blame me for the productivity/sleep loss.

Edit: Of course, as soon as I post this I think "Hell, one more try..." Two attempts and I finished level 20. :-)
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I haven't been posting much lately, nothing real... there is a lot on my mind, but it has formed a mental logjam of sorts and whenever I try to start writing about it, I just get a headache. I've been posting more in tivolovers and disasterporn, but I guess I've just been avoiding sorting my head out. I'll need to do that soon. Recent high points - I got my new magdalenhsuli CD, Smashing the Ceiling (and my second liner note thank you on a CD, heh - the first was Ani's Living In Clip), the same day I also got my copy of maryloulord's Baby Blue that I'd finally gotten around to ordering. And over the weekend I ordered Ani's Knuckle Down, along with a number of other RBR CDs I didn't have yet - since they had a 20% off promo if you ordered along with KD. So it is new music time at Chez MegaZone.

My body has been off-kilter lately. I came back from Vegas sick, and it took a while to kick. Then I relapsed and called in sick Monday. And all week I've been way off - not sleeping right, total exhausted at work, just generally not right. Makes it hard to concentrate, and I'm learning C#/.Net on the fly now, so it isn't a good time to have focusing problems. I'm doing pretty well, I think, but it is going slower than I know it should be, for me at least. I normally learn new languages rapidly. Friday I was unable to do the work I needed to do, so I gave up - I need to do it today, I brought my laptop home. But I really don't feel like doing anything. I feel like I need a week off to just veg, like too many things are happening and I'm dropping the balls. I really feel like my life has turned into one big rut - all I do is work. I don't go out much anymore, I don't write anymore, I hardly even *read* much anymore - except for manuals and tech books, I have a ton of email I've not replied too, lots of ideas for personal projects I have no time to do...
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