February 14th, 2005

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Silly Valentine's meme

If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?
(Now post this in your LJ and find out what mine would be, if you want too.)

Note: I am screening replies, so you can say whatever you like. But I will unscreen any comments by default UNLESS you ask, in the comment, for me to keep it screened. Got it? Good. :-)

I picked this up from 0uroborus
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Now it can be told

For those who you who don't know me personally, z_gryphon has been my best friend for a while now, since 1991 or so, and we have a number of shared stories that never seem to fail to entertain a room. One of the classics is from 1996, and collectively referred to as The Tales of ReRob's Wedding.

Well, these days Gryph is a reported (and acting editor currently) for a small paper in northern Maine. And he has a recurring column called Off the Top of My Head, wherein he writes about anything and everything. Well, he's decided to do a bit of a serial, telling a slightly abridged version of the story for the paper. The first two parts, of what should be 3 or 4, are done - and he also posts them to his LJ. This is a good story - part 3 should be quite embarrassing for me. ;-)

Here are part one and part two.. Part three should be up soon. :-)
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You wouldn't think it'd be so hard...

...to get a hold of specific forms of currency.

I wanted to get a bunch of Susan B and gold dollar coins, and $2 bills, just to be a little weird and have some fun spending them and watching the looks I get. So I stopped at the local DCU branch - they don't carry any of those. I even called DCU's information - they don't stock *any* of them in their network, and have no provision for requesting them - unless you're looking for $2500 worth, according to the branch. Apparently that's what you have to order from the treasury, minimum. I was thinking more like $100 of each. So unless I find a number of other people interested in a big sack o' coins, that's not happening. You can get them online from the Treasury - but it is $35.50 for 25 gold dollars. And I don't see any Susies or $2 bills - except for the collectors uncut sheets for the $2.

No wonder these things never circulate.

Well, plan B is buying a stamp using a $20 bill at the Post Office - based on recent experience, the vending machines give change with a mix of Susies and Sacagawea coins. I confused the guy at McD's by paying a $6.27 bill with 3 $1 bills, a Susie, a Sachy, 5 quarters, and 2 pennies.

If anyone knows how I can get the coins in rolls, etc, for face value (ask your bank?), I'd love to know. I'm not sure how random banks will react if I just come in and ask for this stuff - but then, that could be amusing in itself I suppose.
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