February 21st, 2005

Zoner en fuego!


I've been feeling really, really worn out lately. I'm long over due for a vacation (I think I'll finally be able to get a week off in March to go see my folks in Florida), and just pushing myself to keep going at work. That means everything else has suffered - no energy to do much other than crash when I get home. So this long weekend (we have Monday off) is welcome.

I feel bad about not going up to Maine to see z_gryphon. I was thinking about it since he's on vacation this week and all - but I just didn't have the energy. It sucks, I'd really like to see him, but I'm so fried that I couldn't take the drive, and even if I made it I'm not good company. Bah! This sucks. I really miss having him around, the wedding story reminds me of all the old stories we'd tell, and all...

I went out Friday night after work with thekimmer and some of her friends. It was nice to get out, but the place, Desmond O'Malley's, was *packed* - turned out WAAF was running an event there for the Guinness toast. So we bailed after a while and sent to a place next door, The Rat Pack - place is decorated in all kinds of Rat Pack photos, piano player, swinging joint. We didn't stick around too long - I went home and was dead, so I crashed before too long. I ended up sleeping in Saturday, watched some TiVo in the evening, and was generally a lump. Again, Ghost in the Shell made me feel kind of wistful - for some reason it made me dearly wish we had skillsofts. I want to be able to know everything, now, just slot the right chip. Mainly other languages - languages have always been my weak point, I even did poorly in Spanish - and that's easy.

Sunday was mainly more of the same. I also did my bill paying, which is always depressing - I still need to win that sweepstakes. I was supposed to go to the Sunday gweep dinner, but I lost track of time buried in bills. I would've been fairly late - if it was one of the usual Worcester places I would've been OK, but tonight the choice was Mi Ranchito over in Marlborough, so I wouldn't have been able to make it without being very late. And I was hit with the feeling that I didn't care to drive out there in a hurry and all. So I ended up going to the 99 for dinner, and then up to ShoWoNo to see Constantine. It is an OK movie - it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be when I heard they'd turned Constantine, a blonde, gruff, Londoner, into a dark haired, surfy, Angelino. I thought it was an OK adaptation of the story, and the SFX were well done. And Rachel Weisz sure is easy on the eyes - ah! She looked vaguely familiar, she was in Enemy at the Gates. And apparently in The Mummy - another reason I should see that, and the sequel. Still - not as bad as I feared doesn't mean good. Keanu was trying to be dark and brooding - but was mostly stiff and wooden. "Whoa! I know the occult!" 'Show me." It isn't bad for turning off your brain and watching the visuals, but it isn't going to be a classic or anything. Actually it just made me wish someone would make a *good* movie of something like The Books of Magic, or Death: The High Cost of Living, or, really, anything involving the DC Vertigo Death. ;-)

Then it was home, screwing around online, some more TiVo time, and here it is 04:45. I suppose I should crash. Not sure what I'm up to Monday - I've actually watched everything on my TiVo, including the suggestions I care to watch. Maybe I'll find something to do out in the big blue room. Wish it wasn't so damn cold.

Oh - and I fear my car's power steering has a leak. It was making noise early in the week, so I top off the fluid and it was fine. Tonight it was making the noises again. In daylight I'll check, but if the fluid is down again I see a big bill in my future.
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Zoner en fuego!

There's just one more thing sir...

Oh, yeah, I've also been feeling the itch to move to the Bay Area again - as impractical as that is. My friends are here, I have a fairly stable job here, etc. But, damn, I've been thinking about the Bay Area a lot lately. When rhysara asked about things to do on her trip out there, it really just stoked the fires again - hanging out at the Emeryville Public Market, walking around Telegraph Avenue on weekends, driving down the PCH just because, hitting J-Town in SF, driving up into the hills overlooking Berkeley and Oakland... *sigh*

In related news, my landlady is selling the building. Her father isn't well, so I guess she's selling to pull up stakes and go be with him. So I need to pick this place up a bit as the realtor will be showing it. I'd already decided that I'm going to move. I didn't stick to the house hunt last summer since I got real iffy about my job for a while, but since it seems like I'm probably not going anywhere for a while (barring TiVo making me an offer out of the blue - I've basically given up hope on finding an in) I'm planning to start looking again when it warms up.
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