April 28th, 2005

Extreme close up.

Looking for LadySprite...

Has anyone seen ladysprite the past couple of days? She asked me to hold a TiVo for her on Monday 'for 48 hours' and I haven't heard from her since then, and no response to a couple of pings. I only have her email and IM though. I just hope everything is OK...
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Anime MZ


I haven't posted anything in a while. Basically things are proceeding apace. The appraisal is in, and conveniently is for exactly what I'm paying... *shrug* The seller's lawyer is supposed to be working on the Purchase & Sale agreement. Mike (the seller) agreed to all of the work I laid out in my last house post. It seems like the only question now is when he'll be able to have the work completed. Once that is done we can close - and we'd both like to do it sooner than the original date of May 12th.

So things are moving along.
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