May 9th, 2005



So Sunday was Mother's Day. Being a thoughtful son I wanted to send my mom a huge bunch of flowers. I got caught up in an 'emergency' at work and ended up working an All-Nighter Thursday through Friday, when I finally went home Friday afternoon. So I missed ordering them until late Saturday. Normally I order from and they've always been good. But this time their site warned me that they probably wouldn't be able to deliver on Sunday.

OK, well, I went to and their site indicated Sunday delivery was available. Great! So I made my purchase and all was well.

Then this afternoon (Monday) I received this:
Unfortunately, due to holiday volumes we are unable to deliver your gift until Monday, May 9th or Tuesday, May 10th.

So I called my folks and asked my dad if they'd arrived. Nope. And it was already about 8PM. So they didn't deliver Sunday as promised *or* Monday. My parents will be out of the house most of tomorrow, and they're leaving for NY on Thursday or Friday anyway, so there's little point in getting them after that. OK, well:
If you would like to cancel the order and receive a full refund, simply click on this link...

Fine... Or not...
We have received your recent request to cancel your order. Upon investigation, we found that your order was already in the process of being delivered, and as such we cannot accommodate your request.

In the process of being delivered? Not tonight - that came at 20:36! If they've already put it in the truck for tomorrow - those'll be *real* fresh when delivered.

Fuck FTD.

And when the hell did it get to be 22:30? Christ, I just want to go home and sleep.
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