May 27th, 2005

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Breakfast Anyone?

Lifted from pfloyd - I haven't done one of these in a while, but ladymalone should understand why this one needs to be done. ;-)

1. What was your favorite breakfast cereal when you were a kid?
2. What is the best toy/prize you ever got in a box of cereal or because of sending in UPC’s?
3. How do you take your eggs (scrambled, over easy, egg beaters)?
4. What is your favorite breakfast meat (bacon, ham, sausage)?
5. What is your favorite spot (local or chain restaurant) for breakfast and where is it located?

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Dragonball MZ!

House update

No, I haven't closed yet. It looks like the closing will be either next Wednesday, June 1st, or next Friday, June 3rd. I'm supposed to do a walk-through with my realtor on Tuesday, May 31st to make sure all the work is done to my satisfaction.

So, it looks like it'll be soon.
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I see you.

Report: Japanese WW2 Soldiers Found Alive in Jungle

Japanese diplomats investigated claims Friday that two former Japanese soldiers have been hiding in the mountains of the southern Philippines since World War II.

If true, that's some serious dedication. It was impressive when they found Hiroo Onoda in 1974, I've read about that and seen a documentary on it. (Kind of sad, he was in hiding with a fellow soldier for decades, and near the end his friend was shot while stealing supplies, leaving him alone.) I expect this can't happen for that much longer, unless there is some weird breeding population of WWII Japanese soldiers out there raising generations to continue the war...

...that sounds like the plot of a novel.
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