May 28th, 2005

Anime MZ


Spotted on USENet:

The Tick returns to the US airwaves starting 6/13/05! Mondays through Sundays at 11pm Eastern & Pacific on Toon Disney, and Saturday & Sunday mornings at 11am Eastern & Pacific on ABC Family.
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Low tech problem solving

Problem: You are on IM voice chat and have a song on your PC you really want a friend to hear, but it was purchased from iTunes. And besides, it is a pain to transfer the file to them even if you do use HYMN to rip the DRM. How do you let them hear it now?

Solution: You use a male-to-male patch cable designed to feed the headset output of something like an iPod into the line-in of something else, and you connect the headset jack on your PC to the mic jack.

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