June 22nd, 2005


That's what I've been saying...

I love The Register for articles like this.

Deri Jones, SciVisum's CEO warns that companies are in danger of damaging their brands by not addressing accessibility issues properly. "When webmasters design first for Internet Explorer and not standards-compliant browsers, they so often end up restricting user access to the website which has detrimental affects for a company," he said.

He went on to describe it as surprising that companies still fail to accommodate a variety of browsers, and warns that taking a non-standard approach limits a website's audience, and risks alienating some users.

The company recommends that web designers switch to using Cascading Style Sheets, and check pages using browsers other than Internet Explorer. It also suggests that anyone planning a redesign should consider using an open source content management system, such as Plone or Mambo.

Usability firm Human Factors International also expressed surprised that businesses still have not dealt with the issue of multiple browsers. Company managing director Jerome Nadel described the question of making a site accessible to multiple browsers as "a no brainer".
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Hi everyone! Sorry I've been kind of quiet. I've been getting up early in the mornings to make phone calls and such, and today I was out at the house to meet ADT so they could give me an estimate. Tomorrow is the first day I don't have something scheduled, so I'll be sleeping in. I'm taking Friday off because I have both the Charter and Terminix coming in the afternoon in the 13:00-17:00 window, so I'll just do something like hang blinds or something while I'm waiting. So it has been house and work, and sleeping when I can. I'm pretty tired.

The sunburn is at the peeling stage, so it doesn't hurt much at all now... IT ITCHES! But it looks like it won't be too bad.

I looked in the mailbox that was sitting on the front steps of the house today, just out of curiosity, and it was packed with old mail. Water logged, moldy, old mail. Well, and a couple of marketing letters from oil companies to 'welcome' me to the neighborhood. Which is doubly amusing, since I don't have oil heat. I need to get a good mailbox and put it up, probably Friday. I may start moving boxes this weekend - books and stuff I don't see getting stolen. After the locksmith is there Monday I'll feel better about moving more. And the DSL should be on Monday I believe, but I haven't received the modem yet. (I'm having it turned on there AND keeping it on at my old place, to make sure the downtime for EPU is a minimum. Once I know it is working there we'll move the boxes, change the IPs, and done.)

What else... Oh, I decided that having a special group for KBlogger stuff was stupid. Since I put them all behind cuts anyway I just made them public. It also means Google and such will index them over time, so maybe it'll help more people. I've also started tagging my entries (the latest Semagic has tagging), and I've done May and June, I'll do older stuff little by little.

OK, I need to get the hell out of here, eat, and sleep. Later!

PS - Don't forget the piss-up Friday!
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