August 4th, 2005

Hating humanity

Bad timing

So I was at work late last night (late for me, as in, I left early this morning), so I came in later in the afternoon that usual, and I was pretty hungry. So I picked up a meal from Boston Market and was picking at it as I worked.

Well, a bit before 20:00 I left my desk, while I was away from my desk the cleaners came in. And as the guy went around and emptied the trash, he helpfully tossed the 1/3 of my dinner that was sitting on my desk. Feh.

I mean, he sees me in here late almost every night. My soda, which he didn't toss, was sitting next to the plate, mostly full. The desert, also left, was sitting there unopened. My bag was sitting on the desk next to it, the computer was on. And, frankly, if something is *ON THE DESK*, leave it the fuck alone! If I wanted it tossed, it'd be in the fucking trash can.

Yeah, I know, he was trying to be helpful. And he seems like a nice guy, from the little bit of exchanges we had. I was pretty pissed off when I came back to my desk and it was gone, and I tracked him down at the other end of the office to say, basically, "Hey, where's my dinner?!" He was apologetic, and offered me some money - which I didn't take. *sigh* Just, bleh, I was enjoying the meal and kind of looking forward to grazing on it as I was working. And now I'm still a bit hungry.
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