September 1st, 2005

Anime MZ

Phone Post:

395K 1:52
“Hey, it's Megazone.

Uh, It's 8:20. I'm supposed to be on an 8:55 flight out of Boston Logan. I'm not even to I-95 on the Mass Pike yet. I should have been at the airport a long time ago, but I've been in stop-and-go traffic for the past forty, fifty minutes on the Mass Pike, ever since I got off 495 onto the Pike.

No clue what is going on here, although I now have seen signs for signs for construction a minute ago up ahead, so it sounds like maybe they're doing construction on the Pike that I wasn't aware of.

Basically, I just called American, and the next first class -- since I have first class tickets, yay for air miles -- they can definitely get me on is a two-something in the afternoon flight. There's a -- I'll be on standby for first for an eleven-something flight, so if I can get on that one, I will, but since I redeemed the miles, and I can't get 'em back now, and I gotta fly cross-country and I'm six foot six and all, I'm gonna hang out for first. I definitely can make it on the two.

Because you have to check in about a half-hour before your flight, which means I'd have to check in in the next five minutes, and I'm still, again, not to I-95 yet. This is fucking insane.

I even stayed up all night. If I had known about the crap going on out here, I would have gone, yeah, I would have gotten up a lot earlier.

[sirens] Ah, here's some high mucky-muck with a fucking state police escort -- state police, limousine, limousine, state police, state police. I wonder who that is. Whoever it is, I guess he's getting to the airport faster than I am.

Well. I'm done bitching.”

Transcribed by: akawil
Anime MZ

Voice Post:

128K 0:35
“hey it's zoner

its about 6:24 galeph time.

I'm getting on the flight to long beach.

obviously I got the later flight.

I basically slept most of the way down here.

Trying to catch up because I didn't sleep much last night.

I'll get online when get to the hotel when I get there since I have some BMX stuff to deal with anyway, I'll check in from there.

So if anyone is looking for me I'll check in when I get to the hotel.

Genie (sp), I got your voice mail. I'll get back to you once I get there as well.

Good bye.”

Transcribed by: dirkcjelli