September 2nd, 2005

Hating humanity

When did the press get balls?

I've been watching the news on and off, plus reading a lot online, following links in blog, etc... When Anderson Cooper is lashing out at the way things are being handled, and Soledad O'Brien, of all people, is jumping down the throat of the head of FEMA, I feel like I'm in Bizarro World. Especially when the head of FEMA says they didn't know about the Convention Center until Thursday morning and he learned about it watching news broadcasts - then blamed the local government for not telling them. It has been on the news for days, since Tuesday or so, that people were at the convention center and were being *directed* there. How could FEMA not know? *I* knew, and I haven't been camped in front of the news and it isn't my fucking job to know these things.

The mobilization to help the tsunami victims happened faster, and better, than this. We had troops on the ground and food drops within two days. I'm dumbfounded as to how it is taking so long to get trucks in to bring people out, or to bring food and water in. Why weren't the offers for aid from other countries accepted immediately? Why are the wasting time trying to stop 'looters' - who are mostly just trying to grab food, water, clothing, etc, the basic survival needs - when most of the stuff is destined for the trash heap anyway? I read one report that people at the Convention Center were forced out of the kitchen, which they had broken into to try to prepare food, at gunpoint. What the fuck? I would support the mob if they beat the cops/troops down to get in there and feed themselves! That's just so... stupid. This is basic survival, the niceties of society and 'employees only' are long gone. The hotels that KICKED OUT patrons for 'liability reasons' should be forcibly re-opened to allow people in. And I hope they get sued into the fucking dust over this. They're worried about insurance liability and people are dying? That's barbaric!

There is just so much stupidity it is galling. Some of the priorities are just completely backwards. Protect doomed store stockrooms, but let the people die. Avoid possible insurance problems, by kicking people into the streets to fend for themselves.

Fuck the stores. Fuck the insurance. Fuck everything - except the people. Get them out as fast as possible, and bring in supplies for those still remaining. Hell - truck load of food and supplies in, truck load of people out.

Now I know that the people on the ground, the soldiers and volunteers, are doing their best. I have friends in FEMA who are deployed down there. This is higher level, management and coordination.

It is nice to see the convoys winding through the streets today. But it is Friday. Why did it take so long? How could it take longer to supply our own cities than it did to supply tsunami victims half-way around the world?

There is going to be, at least their *should* be, a lot of fallout from this.