September 29th, 2005

Dragonball MZ!

Eris is Dead. Long live Eris!

OK, so I've kept folks in suspense long enough I suppose. I guess it has been torture for lizzielizzie :-) Warning, *HUGE* images behind the cuts.

As many of you know, I have custom license plates - ERIS. My first vehicle with these plates was my Jeep Cherokee - Collapse ) I got that in late 1994 and sold it in 2001 after getting Eris Mk.II. (Which is why the plates in the photo aren't 'ERIS' - I'd already transferred them, and took the photos to sell the Jeep.) More photos of Mk.I here.

Eris Mk.II was a 2001 PT Cruiser Limited Edition - Collapse ) (And yes, that's my house in the background.) More photos of Mk.II here.

She served well, but sometimes relationships just come to an end. Sometimes you just want something with more drive, more passion, something a bit sexier. So last night we parted ways amicably, and I have a new special someone in my life - Collapse ) More photos of Mk.III here.

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