October 5th, 2005

Anime MZ

Oktoberfest Piss-Ups - Two more @ The 'Shoe!

Oktoberfest at The Horseshoe Pub only runs until October 19th, that leaves two more Friday's - so I'm calling a piss-up on both!

Friday October 7th @ 6PM - Gweeps RSVP here. Others leave a comment.

Friday October 14th @ 6PM - Gweeps RSVP here. Others leave a comment.

Maybe we'll have some lunches out there before it runs out too, for those who work in the area.
Anime MZ

CES 2006

I just booked my trip for CES 2006, January 4-9 in Las Vegas. (The show is 5-8.) I'm staying at the Imperial Palace, which was the best deal I could find near the Convention Center. I thought I was booking early enough - HAH! Right, CES is the biggest show in Vegas, really should book in the spring for the next year... If someone I know personally wanted to take a trip to Vegas at the same time, I wouldn't object to splitting the room. Even a couple, though it isn't going to be a romantic getaway with me in the room. ;-)
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