October 21st, 2005


Oh yeah, The Colbert Report rocks!

The Colbert Report, the Stephen Colbert spin-off from The Daily Show, started Monday. It was a little rocky at the start, but I think they really hit stride tonight. The bit with Lisa Loeb at the start destroyed me! Just that they got her for that little joke, over the top, completely, fantastic work!
Anime MZ

Wow, time does fly...

So, Neon Genesis Evangelion started on Adult Swim tonight. I started TiVoing it since I haven't watched Eva in years and I've never watched the dub, so I figured what the heck.

I couldn't believe how dated it looked, I remember Eva being the hot new thing with high production values. But it is about ten years old now! Damn. Compared to newer shows, like Cowboy Bebop, it looks dated - and Bebop itself isn't new anymore, and is looking a little bit dated compared to something like Stand Alone Complex. But I'd say Bebop had higher production values to start with so it holds up better.

Anyway, watching Eva again is a little odd, it isn't quite how I remembered it, though this is just one episode. And the dub is certainly early work. Maybe it took 10 years for TV broadcast standards to loosen up enough to show Eva. :-) (I know, they showed a few episodes back in 2002, but they're running the whole series now.)

Cruel Angel's Thesis is still a cool song.
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