December 12th, 2005


Two movies, a contrast...

So, last week I went to see Aeon Flux. I meant to post about it, and just never got around to it. Sorry about that - I meant to warn all of you to STAY AWAY. The movie was bad enough that I was generally so annoyed I even found the gratuitous skin shots of Charlize to be, well, gratuitous and annoying. I mean, the world looked vaguely like Aeon Flux, but it lost all the chaotic, nonlinear charm. Oh, and WTF was up with the wind tunnel? No, it wasn't windy - but part of the underground-sneak-scene was filmed in a large wind tunnel. Specifically the corners of one - the tunnel is generally oval, kind of flattening out with a 45-degree angle, and large curved vanes in the stream. As an aero geek I kept being jarred by that. "There's a large wind tunnel in the basement of the government building?" Anyway, I found the movie pretty, but not worth seeing. Maybe rent it. Though it isn't a complete loss, it gave us this comic.

So then, yesterday I decided to go see Syriana. This is a good movie. I find it hard to describe, but it is a kind of fictionalized version of real events and the connections between the oil industry, political unrest in the gulf, religious fanaticism, terrorism, and the CIA. But that's not really a good description, because it is all interconnected. There is one scene that intensely squicked me involving fingernails and pliers, but it was effective in doing what it was meant to do. It is really a social commentary, which Clooney seems to really be getting into. The last thing I saw him in was Good Night, and Good Luck - which I still think everyone should see. Fantastic movie. Anyway, Syriana is a good film. It could've been paced a bit faster I think, tighter, but in a way I liked the slow unrolling of the plots as they intersect. There was kind of a building feeling of inevitability and dread. I think it is worth checking out.
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I need that like I need...

Zoner no baka!

So a little over a week ago I, with usagijer's help, setup the domain mapping on LJ so that points to my LJ. And starting around then I started reading my friends page using, just because.

Today I realized that, even though I'm logged into LJ, since the cookie is for it isn't seeing me as logged in when I read using that URL. What does that mean? I haven't been seeing any locked posts for a week or so. I noticed it today when I made one and didn't see my own post. I just scanned my friends list going back to around December 7, and caught a bunch of posts I'd missed, but I'm not going back farther. (That's as far as 'previous' will take me - 1000 entries. I have a busy friends list.) So if you said something I'd normally have commented on, and I didn't, I probably just didn't see it.

Guess I won't be using that URL to read anymore.
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Onward and upward...

I've been so busy sometimes I forget what I've mentioned here and what I meant to and just never got around to saying...

Several weeks ago my boss, Paul, resigned. He moved on to a new role at a new company and I was sorry to see him go. I liked him and I liked working for him. Since he was Director of Operations, this left a hole. The department had been Paul, John, and myself, with qedrakmar helping out part time. Well, as of last Wednesday I am the Director of Information Technology Operations for Cyphermint, Inc. qedrakmar is now officially part of Operations, and helping out part time with Customer Support (a reversal), and he and John report to me. We're still getting settled in, and have a lot of work to do, but I'm kind of looking forward to it. They're both good guys and know their stuff, and I think we'll be a good team.