December 23rd, 2005

Anime MZ

Oh my sweet lord...

So I finally got around to watching Najica Blitz Tactics, I'm on the first disc now. I'd heard that this was a bit over the top - basically an endless sequence of panty shots. I mean, ADV's original deluxe box set had a pair of panties as the bonus pack-in! So I was expecting a rich, cheesy flavor. But, dear lord, this is 100% Velveeta so far. I mean, I'm enjoying it, it is a blast, but it is so over-the-top it is going to hit escape velocity. I like this line from AnimeOnDVD's review: "I got so used to the up-angle camera shots that I began to think I was only sixteen inches tall, but there’s more to Najica Blitz Tactics than up-skirt shots." This seems like an anime made by people with an up-skirt fetish, but the characters and action are actually OK too. So it isn't just for panty fetishists.

I think I'm going to enjoy this, I'm in the mood for cheese. I guess I'd call this cheesecake. ;-) I haven't watched an anime this cheesy in ages, and definitely not one this full of fan service.

Oh, and are all the women in this universe lesbians, or at least bi? Sure seems that way. "Oh, she's so *dreamy*!" Oh yeah, a finely aged cheddar indeed...
Zoner en fuego!

Wasting money...

Well, a couple of weeks ago I noticed my Jabra BT200 (similar to the BT250 linked) wasn't working. I wouldn't sync with my Treo, and even my laptop wouldn't see it when I made it discoverable. I tried setting it up again, charging it for a while, etc. It didn't work. I thought I'd go without it for a while, but I've had a couple of long calls on my Treo without it - and I don't like holding that to my head to talk. So I decided to pick up a new headset, and ended up deciding to step up to the Jabra BT500, picking one up from an eBay merchant.

So tonight I look over at the BT200 sitting there, and on impulse decide to try it. And it connects to the Treo and is working. WTF? Of course, according to the tracking the BT500 was delivered to work today. I guess I wasted $72. I'll just have to look at it as an new gadget. If the BT500 works for me (comfort, etc) I'll probably give the BT200 away - I have extra ear gels and all, so you don't get Zoner cooties. ;-)