January 4th, 2006

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Voice Post:

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“Hey it's Zoner, it's uh about 9:24 I am at Logan waiting to start boarding my 9:50 flight out to Vegas on my way to CES . As usual I somehow managed not to get any sleep last night. <i>Inaudible</i> I think that every time I go to fly someplace something comes up and I end up not sleeping the night before. Anyway uh that's it. I just wanted to let people know I am on my way. If you are going to be at the show connect up with me. Otherwise I will be watching TiVoLovers and I will be posting the hell out of the thing. Bye”

Transcribed by: craigeagle
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Voice Post: made it to Vegas OK

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“Hey, it's Zoner. I'm at Vegas just waiting for my bags to come from the baggage carousel...made it OK, and from here I'm going to the Imperial Palace to check in and gonna try to get online and post some things for real. I've already been checking the news and stuff off my Treo...it seems to be a busy news day. Talk to you later, bye.

(or something like that.)”

Transcribed by: lizzielizzie
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Live from the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show

I arrived in Las Vegas a few hours ago and I'll be attending CES 2006. The press releases and product announcements and leaks have already started, and the show doesn't officially kick-off until tomorrow, and it runs through Sunday. I'll be posting any TiVo related news in tivolovers, any Blu-Ray or HD-DVD news in bluraydisc, and anything else I find interesting I'll drop in zonereyrie. In addition to the official releases and such, I'll see what other news I can turn up, and I'll post photos of anything interesting. I'm excited to be here, for the third year running, and it promises to be an exhausting few days. :-)