January 6th, 2006

Anime MZ

Today has been insane!

I woke up a bit later than planned, since I hadn't slept at all Tuesday night. Then I was feeling a bit queasy - I had dinner last night at the Imperial Palace's 'Fireside', which does BBQ. The soup and salad were good, but the meal wasn't. I got the BBQ combo - the chicken was tough, the beef rib was so fatty I only ate half because it was just icky, and the baby back ribs were acceptable but unimpressive - Chili's has WAY better ribs, and they cost less. The asparagus side was so-so, and the garlic mashed potatoes might have been set near some garlic at some point, maybe. The creme brulee was good at least. But I don't think the main course sat well with me, I was unhappy this morning.

So I got a later start than I planned. I felt better after a bit, and left for the LVCC around noon instead of 10AM. I got a little turned around looking for the shuttle bus, but found it and got there no problem. I got checked in and went straight to TiVo's booth.

At that point I was feeling a bit upset. I know it is ego and all, but I was hoping to be one of the first bloggers to break TiVo's announcements, and by that point I figured everyone and their duck would've posted. So I went in and took my time talking to people, checking out the new stuff, taking photos, etc. Then I finally sat down, used the open WiFi, and posted.

I never expected to be the first, and apparently, *only* person to blog TiVos news. *Especially* about their new Series3 HDTV CableCARD box. And I never expected my photos to be the only photos of the thing on the net! If I thought more than a handful of people were going to look at them, I wouldn't have just dumped raw 5 mega pixel photos into a directory and posted the link as-is!

So, um, yeah, a number of blogs picked up my post and linked to it and/or the photos, then it hit Digg.com which produced a lot of traffic, and it is still spreading. tivolovers got a lot of attention today. So I'm responsible for swamping Sidehack for a bit today. usagijer gave me a hand and we resized all the photos to 33% their original size, and moved the original huge photos, to reduce the load on Sidey.

I've just spent several hours fielding all kinds of questions on various forums. A very exciting day. I'm exhausted, but happy. :-) I seem to have had some of my 15 minutes today. I also gave permission for a national publication to use one of my photos.

I don't know how or why everyone else just missed the biggest news in TiVo's booth, even sites that reported on other things TiVo was showing missed it. *shrug*

Eris must have really favored me today. Makes me nervous. ;-)


On a lark I submitted my TiVoLovers Series3 entry to Slashdot last night.

It was just posted. My first Slashdot entry...

This is going to be fun to watch.