January 27th, 2006

I need that like I need...

How did I manage that?

I just realized, at 18:17, that I forgot to shave this morning. I was studying something, resting my chin on my hand, when I suddenly realized that I should NOT be this furry. I remember getting ready this morning, and thinking about shaving as I brushed my teeth... and then I guess I blanked.

I seem to be doing that today - I also almost ran out of gas on the way to work. I meant to stop on the way home last night I forgot to, and then this morning I jumped in the car and got right on the highway to work. Fortunately I noticed the gas light on just before I passed the last exit on I290 that was still close to facilities. If I'd been further along I'm not sure I would've made it to a gas station.

I think it is just fatigue - not enough sleep and too much stress (hectic week), and my brain isn't keeping up. I just hope I'm not forgetting anything else, especially anything important.
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Five on Friday - Get Your Drink On!

I picked this up from a number of people on my friends list...

1. What is your favorite beverage? Why?

Iced tea, unsweetened. Anyone who goes out to eat with me has probably noticed that I *always* order unsweetened iced tea. Well, OK, nigh-always. Once in a blue moon I'm in the mood for something sweeter and get a Coke or Pepsi, or the place doesn't have iced tea. I like it because it is non-carbonated, and therefore more thirst-quenching and refreshing, and since I could stand to lose weight a non-sugared beverage is a good option.

2. Your preference: Tea, coffee, or hot cocoa?

In isolation, hot cocoa. A good, rich, smooth hot cocoa. On more practical grounds, tea. I drink coffee, but I've never been a huge fan. Most coffee is too bitter, and I don't care to be bothered brewing my own since I don't like even good coffee that much. But I still remember the best damn cup of coffee I ever had. It was in the business offices at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, NYC. I was there with tatsugawa going over AXNY issues, and he told me I *had* to try the coffee because it was fantastic. So I did, and it was. It was rich, smooth, completely not bitter. If all coffee tasted like that, I'd drink it a lot. So it is probably best that it isn't.

3. Favorite thing to drink in the heat of summer?

Iced tea.

4. Worst beverage you've ever tasted?

Um, that's hard to answer, I've had a number of vile concoctions over the years. What is freshest in my mind is the 'stuffing' flavored soda qedrakmar had from the Jones's soda Thanksgiving pack. It was like slightly herbal sea water, but worse. Fortunately I wasn't here when they had the brussel sprout flavor - I understand that was utterly vile.

5. How do you take your water: flavored, bottled, carbonated, or straight from the tap?

I have a Poland Spring dispenser at home and I drink a LOT of water from that. Most of the time at home I have water. Just plain spring water.
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Milkshake bukkake

The symbolism in this music video is about as subtle as a sledgehammer. And the song is lame, best watched with audio off. Again, thanks, or blame, to jwz for sharing. I'm sure this is someone's fetish too - I'd go with the Taiko personally.
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I'm going to Disney World

Plans have firmed up. I will be flying down to West Palm Beach, FL on Friday, February 17th to visit my folks. (Who actually live in Jupiter, but WPB is the closest airport.) On Sunday, the 19th, we're heading up to Orlando to WDW. My dad crazily booked two rooms (one for them, one for me) for three nights at the Contemporary. (That's the concrete A-frame with the monorail running through it.) Normally I stay somewhere like the All-Star Resorts if it is my dime, but hey, I'll enjoy the Contemporary just fine. So we had back to Jupiter on Wednesday, and I fly back to Boston on Sunday the 26th.

Definitely looking forward to it.

(Yes, I actually made a post today that doesn't touch on the Japanese and/or sex... speaking of, there are usually some attractive women at the Japan pavilion in EPCOT... oh, damn...)
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Oh, there's just one more thing...

I'm getting involved with fanfic again. A week or so ago z_gryphon called me to discuss a concept for a 'reboot' of one of our moribund universes, Hopelessly Lost. Right away we started batting plot concepts around and fleshed out the new basis, characters, and plot points. It is kind of like what the new Battlestar Galactica is to the old version. There are common elements, but it shouldn't be confused as a straight remake or such. And, apparently possessed, he bashed out the entire first episode in double time. Now the first episode of Bubblegum Crisis: The Iron Age "Meet Interesting Singles in Your Area" is up.

Also, as one of the main characters is a reporter, there is the companion 'in story' news service StarkWire. I suggested that during the development talks and I think it is working nicely. :-) You can get to it directly on LJ as starkwire.

It is nice to be doing this again. I haven't had time to really do any writing, but just working out the story is a lot of fun. Well, frankly, that's the most fun part of creating a story - actually banging on keys to make into words is the tedious part. But I do still enjoy that too. Maybe I'll have time to do some of that along the way too, this week was especially hectic, and the story development happened a lot faster than I expected it to.
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