April 4th, 2006

Eject! Eject! Eject!

I cannot get sick now, I forbid it

I'm feeling like death today. Head and gut competing to see who can feel worse, and my eyes hurt and feel gritty. I've been up since this morning, hoping to medicate into functionality but it isn't working. I'm really hoping it is just a combination of stress, sleep deprivation, and the onset of allergy season doing a triple whammy on me, because I really, really can't afford to get sick now with the workload we have. I *must* be in tomorrow for the next round of interviews, come hell or high water. Just thinking about the work I'm not getting done today is stressful. I'm going to attempt to rest and hope my body deals with itself, because I'm going to have to make up the lost time in the next few days or fall farther behind.