April 5th, 2006

I need that like I need...

What day is it?

Ugh. So after my last post I thought I'd get a nap. I had one call from work, then crashed again. I'd set my alarm but when it went off I could tell I needed more rest, so I killed it and went back to sleep. Oh, at some point in there I looked outside and swore I saw a freakin' blizzard. Tell me that was real. And then explain to me why we had a raging snow storm on April 4th. :-) So, anyway, I finally woke up at 00:45 or so. Hungry and thirsty, since I'd been down all day and hadn't fed since Monday dinner. Couldn't decide what meal it was supposed to be, so I had a bowl of cereal and an asian noodle bowl. *shrug*

Of course, now it is the middle of the night, I'm up but still feel off, and now my hours are totally inverted. Do I just go into work now, or try to sleep a few hours and go in earlier than normal - but not stupid early? *sigh*
Hating humanity

Bruised ego

So, last Friday I'm on the way to work, getting on I190 at exit 2. In front of me is a Chrysler 300C - the Chrysler version of my car - and in front of him is an SUV. The two of them slide right into the middle lane, but aren't really accelerating. So I decide to pass them, move into the left lane and accelerate. As I'm closing the 300C decides to do the same thing, and cuts me off. Now, there is no one else on the road around us, so I smoothly went back over to the far right lane, went around Heckle and Jeckle, and went on my merry way. A few minutes later on I290 I got caught up in traffic, and when it cleared I was passing some folks when I noticed two cars behind me was a State Trooper. It was a semi-stealth cruiser - no light bar, but it had a push bar on the front so I spotted it. I finished passing and slid back over, going with traffic. He pulled in behind me, and followed me for a while as I changed lanes, etc.

So eventually he does what I was expecting and pulls me over. While I'm waiting for him to walk up to my window the 300C goes by and honks. I figure he got me speeding, I was going 80 at points even if it was in the flow, so whatever. But he tells me that someone had flagged him down and told him I was driving erratically. I'm pretty sure I know who that was. Also, the registration sticker on my plate is expired and I hadn't noticed - the registration is current, I don't think I got a sticker last time, I always put those right on the car. Since I have a clean record (my last ticket was in Cali in '96, and my last ticket on my MA record is early '95), and everything checked out - and he didn't feel my driving was erratic - I didn't even get a warning. So I didn't get a ticket, and it really didn't bother me, except that I feel like the jerk in the 300C just had me flagged down because he had his ego bruised. He's the one who changed lanes suddenly and cut me off, and the one who cut from an on-ramp to the middle lane while still not even up to speed. Sending a Trooper after me was just spiteful, and a waste of everyone's time. He didn't like that I was a better driver is what it seems like to me. Frankly I wouldn't do anything differently if it happened again. Better than slamming on my brakes in the passing lane because he cut me off as I was about to pass him. It was a very smooth maneuver, not at all erratic.

So, anyway, first time being pulled over in the new ride. ;-) And, yeah, the Trooper asked about my name. The Trooper was nice about the whole thing, no problems with him at all.