April 11th, 2006

My Dark Work

Resume humor

So I'm looking at resumes at work and one cover letter just made me bust: "I am proficient with All operating systems, from Windows 95 to XP and all server solutions in between." The capital 'A' was his. Hoo-boy. Yes, because 'all' operating systems fall on the spectrum from Windows 95 to XP. And, of course, there are no server solutions in between those. Maybe you could argue that 2000 Pro is in there and jump to 2000 Server - but don't strain yourself. :-)
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Inscrutable Exhortations of My Soul

Helpful hint for Semagic users for 'Location' field

If you download a recent version of Semagic ( JUST released), it has support for the Location field that LJ just added. Since many, if not most, people have a PC in a fixed location instead of entering it every time enter the location you want then use 'Save as Defaults' and you don't need to re-enter it again, unless you change the location of the PC. Note that the location is a link to Google Maps so if you use a mappable value you can jump to the map. (I used this page to get a rough lat/long and then tweaked the values by hand on Google Maps to get what I needed.)
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Eject! Eject! Eject!

Coercive diplomacy

Amongst the articles about the US threatening to nuke Iran, or not, depending on who you ask, I saw one of the best examples of Orwellian phrasing it has been my discomfort to encounter in a while: "coercive diplomacy". Is that the new way of saying "strong arm tactics"? To me it sounds like thugs shaking down a shop owner for protection money. "C'mon, you want to be our friend, don't you? You don't want to cause us any trouble, right? Sure hate for something to happen to the nice shopcountry you have here." *sigh*

And when the nukes start flying, the handy coordinates in my location field will make targeting me a breeze. ;-)