May 31st, 2006


I fear my home gateway/router is dying

I have a Netgear WGT624 for my home gateway/router/WiFi AP and I fear it may be dying on me. I've had some odd trouble with my TiVos suddenly not seeing each other for MRV, and power cycling the router fixes it. Then the past few days I've had some bizarre networking problems. One of my TiVos stopped being able to 'phone home' and it kept saying it could not find the gateway. Thinking it was a TiVo problem I unplugged the 11g adapter, reconnected it, rebooted the TiVo, checked the settings... Basically bashed on it until it started working.

Then last night I had the same problem, but on multiple units. Plus my laptop has been losing WiFi connectivity a bit too often. So I look at the router and in the 'Attached Devices' I see two devices with the same IP. WTF? (Everything is DHCP, from the router.) I reset it and that cleared up. But the table shows the IP, the name the unit reports for itself, and the MAC. And I see weird entries like 'TiVo_1TiVo_2' for one IP then 'TiVo_2' for the next IP. And other oddities with multiple names showing up on one IP, with one MAC.

Eventually I unplugged the router, cycled the DSL modem, and pulled the power on all the TiVos to force a hard reboot, and reset the WiFi on the laptop, THEN powered the router back up. That seemed to shape things up and everything was working normally. But now I'm wary of the router.

If I were to get something new, it'd be nice to have something that handles NAPT. The Netgear allows you to map ports from the external IP to an internal IP, but the port number is fixed - NAT, not NAPT. So port 80 on the outside is port 80 on one machine, but you can't make 81 on the outside to 80 on another machine. Anyone have a recommendation for a decent home gateway/router/11g unit that understands port mapping? I was kind of hoping this one would last until 802.11n was ironed out and then I'd upgrade to that for MIMO. I don't really want Pre-N gear, especially since the TiVos are stuck with 11g anyway. (I'll probably run Cat5 and hardwire them in time, once some of the work on the house is done and i finalize the room setups so I know where to put the jacks.)
Slick Shock!

Marie Osmond Shocked by Daughters’ Online Sex Postings

Marie Osmond says she was shocked to read her teenage daughters Internet sex postings, according to the National Enquirer.

I'm not even sure why, but I'm darkly amused by this. Though I do think there is a problem, somewhere, when a 16 year old is proclaiming herself to be a "slut" and a "whore", anywhere. I'm just not shocked it is on MySpace. I thought the primary purpose of MySpace was for jail bait to tout their wares. That's what it seems to be anyway. (Yes, I have a MySpace account. Primarily just to lock it before someone else took the name, my sole entry points here.)
Zoe is stunned.  So am I.

Fucked up dreams

My allergies have been kicking my ass for a couple of weeks running now, even with meds, and it has made sleeping fitful most nights. I blame that and the meds for the weird dreams.

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