June 1st, 2006

Extreme close up.

Well, Duh!

I had one of those blinding flashes of the obvious on the drive home tonight. Out of the blue I realized the reason, or at least one reason, why I enjoy tivo_in_lj and tivo_in_blogs. I'm a voyeur. I mean, I knew that. But, of course, both of those lead me to peak into random LJs and blogs around the net, and sometimes I stumble into weird or interesting things. So of course it appeals to me on a subconscious level. Duh.
Zoner en fuego!

A what now?

OK, so TiVo grabbed a new episode of Forensic Files, High 'N Dry, for me tonight and I just started it...
...to solve the mystery a computer expert, a suicideologist, and a forensic plumber worked together to find the answers.

OK, so suicideologist sounds made up, but it makes sense. But a forensic plumber? Is there a lot of call for that specialty?

Still, not as good as the one z_gryphon and I saw once - forensic paleoclimatologist.