October 12th, 2006

Anime MZ

Voice Post:

385K 1:52
“WOAH! Man! There's nothing like almost completely wiping out to really get the blood pumping. Ah! I'm still like on an adreline rush. So anyway, I'm at the gas station on west balkan(?) street right now filling up. I just got off the highway I was coming back from work, it's raining out, been raining all night didn't think much of it. Coming down I90..I90, I190 at like iunno 50, 70, something like that you know, 65 MPH limit, the road didn't seem that bad except that there's a giant puddle covering a lane and a half, including the lane that I was in. And you don't see it because it's in a shadow between the streetlights there, it's right between two lights on the street. Dark pool of water in a dark shadow. It's perfectly camoflauged until you hit it. Bam! Highway speeds into a deep pool of water My car just hydroplaned completely. Fortunatly I was able to steer through it. Got it under control and kept going. Car was just totally fishtailing all over the highway. Ended up like two lanes to my left going down the highway at an angle, managed to get it under control and kept going. Ok, that was almost a really bad accident, but man! Damn I'm jonsed. That was fucking great, I loved it. Ok, so, I just had to share that because I'm completely hyper now, dragging my ass home, right now I'm just shaking from adrenaline. Wow that was fun. Ok, bye.”

Transcribed by: blackcoat