October 18th, 2006

Inscrutable Exhortations of My Soul

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Oh yeah, I kind of forgot to post this. I'm going to see RHCP with miashell and pinksbrat in Boston on Friday. I have four tickets. Those astute in math may notice that myself + them = 3 people. So I have a spare ticket. If anyone wants to go, let me know.

Otherwise I think my plan is to find some cute girl outside the venue looking for tickets, and then just give it to her. I've done that before with tickets to Ani DiFranco and such - it is kind of fun to watch their reactions when they go from depressed about not getting to see the show to suddenly getting in for free.

And no, I'm not enough of a slime ball to try to mack on them. Half the fun is being the Stranger in Black who hands them a ticket and then goes. (Though RHCP is assigned seating, so I guess it won't work as well as a GA show when you vanish into the crowd...)


I have had a serious jones to GET AWAY FROM HERE for a while now. (I really do need to just block out a friggin' weekend to drive up to see z_gryphon.) But I really want to go to Florida and/or Berkeley. Since my folks just retreated back home to Florida for the winter and just before they left we talked about my coming down to visit, as I do each winter, that has just been on my mind all the time. Specifically going to Disney. I know, it is the cheesiest place on earth and all, but I don't care, I have fun there and always enjoy myself greatly. A few years ago I actually shot down for just a weekend, but I really can't afford that now - my finances are not good. So I'll probably wait for February and go down and see my folks, and take a trip to Disney while I'm there - which is what I've done the past could of years. They're in Jupiter, which is a couple of hours' drive from WDW, not bad at all.

But I also keep seeing things that are making me 'homesick' for Berkeley. And homesickness is the best description I have for the feeling, despite having only lived there for 2.5 years from late '95 to early '98. I've never felt as at home and as comfortable living anywhere as I have in Berkeley. I've never had these kind of homesick feelings for upstate NY, where I actually grew up and lived until I left for college. I had some homesickness for MA when I lived in Berkeley, but that was mainly missing the people, not the place. In fact, I lived in Worcester 89-95 and from 2002 until today, and I still don't give a shit about the place. Worcester is a pit and I still don't like the town. There are a couple of decent places around, and people I like, and that's it. The best thing is has going for it is lower housing costs than points east, which is why I moved back there in 02 in the first place. It is nice being close to usagijer and solipsistnation too. (Now if we could setup a wormhole to z_gryphon and lizzielizzie...)

Tonight it was Top Dog (ugh, just typing that makes my mouth water like Pavlov's dog). I was reading through kimmi8 and since she lives out that way she mentions things like the Emmeryville Barnes & Noble (and attached Public Market), Top Dog, etc, which gave me a big rush of homesickness for Berkeley, as well as a massive craving for Top Dog. Oh, and Blondie's. Yeah. *whimper*

It has been a few years since I took a trip out there. The very first time I visited Berkeley, planning for Anime Expo sometime in the early-90s, I walked around town and something just clicked and I felt at home. I knew shit about the town then, I think I was walking down Shattuck. I thought then that I might live there sometime. Then a few years later I got recruited by Livingston and ended up living there and it was good. I loved driving up into the hills behind UCB and looking out over Berkeley, Oakland, and the Bay. For a while, during the bubble when Event Zero was opening offices around the country (or at least talking about plans), I had some hope I might manage to get back there.

It'll probably pass, but some days I just want to ditch my responsibilities and go bum around for a while. But the consequences wouldn't be pretty.
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