October 25th, 2006


Another update

So, the pain wasn't as bad last night, especially with the booze, so I got a couple of hours sleep. But it wore off and I woke up again. I was up and down all night, and almost overslept and missed my doctor appointment this morning, but I managed to haul ass over there and was only a few minutes late.

Aside - when did UMass restaff with attractive female doctors? The new doctor I had last time was a stunning young blonde. This morning I was seen by a student doctor who was painfully cute and charming, I got a 'perky goth' kind of vibe from her. She was in all black (except the white doc coat) and had dark black hair and black rimmed glasses with framed her eyes wonderfully... I realy had to restrain myself from flirting (since that seemed highly inappropriate), or staring at her eyes... nice eyes... ... where was I? Oh right, my foot... So she looked at me, then her supervising physician came in (trainer? Boss doc? I'm not a medico), who was another pleasant woman, and went over everything.

So, anyway, it doesn't look like it is an infection, but it is a little swollen and obviously tender. So the diagnosis is... who the hell knows. It could be a bone spur, so they sent me off for x-rays and I'll hear back when they're reviewed. It could be, uh, something which I can't remember because my brain keeps telling me "necrotizing fasciitis" which is NOT it. (If you don't know what that is, don't go looking. Trust me.) AH, "plantar fasciitis", thanks Google. So she had me buy some heel inserts for my boots for support and cushioning. She also prescribed 800mg ibuprofen tablets for the pain, up to 3 a day. I've taken one so far and it seems to work fairly well. No pain just sitting here, and only a little when walking, and my limp isn't as bad.

In other words, this could be 'just one of those things'. If it isn't a bone spur then there will probably never be a known cause, and hopefully it could just clear up on its own. Since I was sick in bed most of the time the preceding few days and I was certainly not very active, it doesn't look like an impact - no running, jumping, kicking, etc. No specific event before the pain started whatsoever.

So I have painkillers that seem to work. I'm going to try not to walk to much, to give it a chance to heal on its own if it is going to. And we'll see.

People think I'm joking when I say I would gladly undergo full cyborg conversion if we had the tech level to support it. I'm not, I'm extremely serious. Flesh is not worth the trouble. Give me a Ghost in the Shell level replacement body and I'll take it without a second thought. I really hate being a meat sack. Sometimes I think brain-in-a-vat is preferable, but I do like some aspects of humanoid bodies.

I'm looking forward to real sleep tonight, I hope, I'm pretty wiped at this point.
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