October 31st, 2006

A pleasant gweepning

On the upside

Well, since most of my posts of late have been bitching about the defective flesh sack that I inhabit, I thought I'd change things up a bit.

So, after sleeping away my Saturday, I did managed to get up mid-Sunday. miashell came over around 15:00 and we had some time to catch up since we hadn't seen each other for a few weeks - except for the few minutes when I handed her the concert tickets last Friday. Then, around 18:00, solipsistnation, stophittinyrslf, and ninoshka arrived, followed a short time later by usagijer and delenn1122. stophittinyrslf and ninoshka set about using my kitchen to make an apple galette while we all socialized. We placed quite a large order with Moe's, which solipsistnation, miashell, and I went to fetch.

After returning with the food, with the galette now ensconced in the oven, we settled down to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Several of the assembled had never seen it before, and I'd been meaning to expose them to it - I really love that movie. So we settled in to gorge on southwest food (which was quite good, I hadn't been to Moe's in a LONG time and had forgotten they make decent grub) and watch a mind bending movie. I believe a fun time was had by all - I can't be sure, I didn't survey the group. And at the end, ninoshka served us delectable pieces of apple galette, which was quite yummy indeed. (And I still have some at home, yum.) After everyone left, miashell watched a little geek TV (How It's Made), and then retired for the evening.

All in all, quite a pleasant evening.

This is the second time stophittinyrslf and ninoshka have borrowed my kitchen for the creation of yummy treats. A couple of weeks ago, after another Sunday dinner gathering, they, and solipsistnation, came by to bake a cake and watch some Utena. I have absolutely no objections to this becoming a regular event, I rather enjoy all of their company and hey, treats! :-) ninoshka is also from the Bay Area of Cali, so we can chat about all the things that make me 'homesick' for the area.
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