November 3rd, 2006

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Health update

I had my preliminary visit with the Sleep Clinic today. It was just a fill-out-this-questionnaire and go over my history with the doctor kind of thing. But she agrees, it sounds like I have sleep apnea. So I have a prescription for Fluticasone (aka Flonase) which may help reduce the symptoms. (I have bad allergies, and it is that time of year.) And an appointment for an overnight sleep study on 11/28. They’re going to try to get me in sooner, but they’re moving from UMass Memorial to a new facility a few blocks away (where all the new construction is near WPI, for the locals) and that’s got everything messed up for the next week or so. Then there’s Thanksgiving. So it’ll probably be the 28th.

Odds are I’ll end up with a CPAP machine. And as one of my coworkers put it “That’ll do wonders for dating.” Yeah...

As for my heel, I stopped taking the ibuprofen after Monday night. So it has been two nights without it, and I slept OK - well, as good as I normally do (see above). It is noticeably sore, and the pain seems to have moved to the arch a bit, but it isn’t too bad. Not like it was when it started. I stopped taking the pain killers because I don’t like taking things like that unless I really need it. And while I’m on them I can’t tell if it is healing or not, since I don’t feel the pain.

And on a completely unrelated note, I went off on TiVo’s web developers a bit tonight. Pet peeve.
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