January 7th, 2007

Don't Give A Shit

Fun with networks

So there is broadband in the Sahara - wired or wireless. I couldn't get a good WiFi connection in my room, so I'm using the wired connection. It seems it is a shared network, because I can see other guest PCs. Right now I'm listening to someone else's iTunes collection. (And I'm sharing mine, what the hell, right?) But I'm kind of shocked to find people have shared drives one guy has SHARED HIS C DRIVE. (EDIT: Scratch that, he seems to have shared *everything*. Printers, etc.) I boggle. Of course, it also has me a bit paranoid - I think I have Windows Firewall locked down, and I'm not sharing any drives, but I keep wondering if I missed anything. (I turned off my TiVo Server too.)

EDIT: He's another guy with shared drives, including a bunch of movies ripped to AVI. I'm tempted to do the kind of thing we did back at WPI when we found someone had left themselves logged into a terminal - create a file on their desktop (homedir back then). Something like "THE HOTEL NETWORK IS SHARED.TXT". ;-)
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